Gregory Gaines


Software EngineerGoogleJuly 2021
    Software EngineerAmazon Web ServicesJuly 2020 - July 2021
    • Worked with multiple AWS Cloud technologies to build serverless applications to save over $1.5M annually compared to traditional servers.
    • Converted expensive Rest APIs to GraphQL to save hours of computational and bandwidth consumption.
    • Built microservices with over 90% test coverage to scale for millions of customers in different regions with an 181ms average request time.
    • Contributed to building responsive and accessible Micro Frontends with React to speed up deployments without affecting the workflow of other teams working on the same application.
    • Wrote multiple technical documents for software documentation, feature planning, threat models, operational excellence, and correction of errors.
    • Added detailed logging to back-end and front-end to gather metrics on how customers use our sites to inform future product decisions.
    Software EngineerAir Care CompaniesApril 2019 – October 2019
    • Redesigned software architecture for over an overall 80% speed increase.
    • Wrote and managed multiple REST APIs to make extendable services.
    • Managed multiple back-ends and databases with PHP, SQL, and MSSQL.
    • Worked efficiently in an Agile team.
    • Built front-end pages in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Prototyped a mobile app with C#, Xamarin, and Java.
    Software EngineerHamilton Multimedia LLCMarch 2017 – March 2020
    • Designed websites with an Agile methodology.
    • Built sites using Bootstrap and JavaScript for a responsive experience.
    • Followed secure and best practices to increase website and database integrity.
    • Debugged sites to find potential bugs to increase customer satisfaction and business.
    • Built front-end pages in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.
    • Handled databases and back-end services with PHP and MYSQL.

    Professional Projects.

    AWS Internal Sites -
    • Internal sites that transfers terabytes of data and scales to millions of users.
    • Has an 90% uptime with accessibility and i18n to remove usability barriers.
    • Covered with unit tests, integration tests, and Chaos engineering.
    Google Play App Back-end -

      Open Source Projects.

      Personal Site / Blog -
      • Created React, Google Cloud, TailwindCSS, GraphCMS, and Gatsby to showcase my experience and technical write-ups about programming.
      • A reverse engineer of the Gameboy hardware written in Java.
      • Emulates the Z80 CPU instruction set, LCD, and other subsystems.
      • Able to run Gameboy software on any platform that can run Java.
      Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe AI -
      • Unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe AI written in JavaScript that uses a Decision tree to remain unbeatable.


      Programming Languages:Java;C++;C#;SQL;MSSQL;HTML;CSS;SASS / SCSS;Golang;PHP;JavaScript;TypeScript;
      Front-end:Next.js;Babel;Strapi;React;jQuery;Bootstrap;TailwindCSS;Redux;Webpack;ESLint;Prettier;Styled Components;Husky;JavaFX;Java Swing;
      Back-end:Express.js;Spring;Micronaut;Node.js;Redis;Nginx;Apache;Codeigniter;Laravel;GraphQL;MongoDB;MySQL;AWS;Google Cloud;PostgreSQL;
      Tools & Methodologies:Java;C++;C#;SQL;MSSQL;HTML;CSS;SASS / SCSS;Golang;PHP;JavaScript;TypeScript;